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Write Your Way To Success: Golden Rules

Imagining things is where everything begins. You want to be a writer, or a better writer, but you find yourself in a cul-de-sac. Now is the time to come out of your cocoon and start doing something creative and constructive. The following tips, which I am not going to explain to waste your precious time, will definitely assist you on your way to Rome:

1. One can definitely write one famous or probably one great book owing to the unique subject matter or a story that reaches the people from the perspective unknown to them. There are numerous examples of writers who became famous overnight with one 'hit' book, but then they declined.

So here is the first mantra that will keep you constant. Read great writers wherever and whenever you can. You might dislike the subject matters in their works, but try to read their lines with great attention, trying to find all those characteristics in their writings which you do not have in your writings. I allude to their sentences, their vocabulary, their syntax arrangements, their use of literary devices, etc.

Paying attention to their writing style and writing mechanics can be a boon for you.

2. Keep writing a lot. Make it a habit. Attempt to write every day, or if possible write several times within a day, obviously with a few breaks. The more you write, the better your writing will be. It is a skill that has to be developed. Write different things: letters, emails, blog, or an article or poem if possible. You will have to write for the sake of writing. Forget who is going to read it and how you are going to be criticized or admired.

3. Keep a notebook with you, in your pocket if possible. Whenever you hit upon an idea, keep it in your notebook. It is like collecting something precious for your future use. When you overhear or hear a conversation, pick strange phrases or words, or even the manner of speaking and keep them in your notebook. Actually, you will have to be a kind of scavenger who keeps gathering all sorts of garbage which he later segregates and sells to different scrap buyers.

4. Writing should become a routine. The best time is in early hours each morning. Write for about half an hour during one sitting. Repeat this process several times in a day. Of course, you will have to be like a recluse, abandoning several other things which will keep luring you.

5. There have been a few great writers who used to write while sitting in public parks or other public places, but it is not a virtue of every common man. Generally, you need seclusion and no distraction while writing, but as you progress, you will realize that you do not get distracted by external noises. Get ready to become a person who is ready to be a recluse.

6. Share what you have written.

7. Prepare yourself for criticism, or probably insults.

8. Try to understand why people criticize or admire you.

9. Don't try to emulate any writer you are highly influenced by. Make your own style, irrespective of what you write about.

10. Remember that "Rome Was Not Built In A Day."

All the best.


Get Your Book Published for Free

This is how I did it:

I had written my first book in 2008 and sold a few copies, about 22, in the first four months. It was a guide book for the students of English literature. Obviously, the book attracted only a few students who were interested in finding the summaries of Shakespeare's sonnets.

I made an e-book and submitted it to but now that site is not accepting books because Amazon bought it two years ago. All the books from mobipocket got transferred to Amazon platform.

Then I began to submit my literature help books, mostly e-books, to Amazon direct publishing called KDP and it worked. In the following two years I had about two hundred books on KDP and several other book sites, and the revenues that I began to earn were handsome.

The only thing is where to begin from. I would suggest to my readers to submit their books to KDP because it is the easiest and does not require any special skill to have a book published. You just need to write your book on Microsoft doc and make an appropriate cover for the book and submit it to KDP.

The process is very simple:

Sign up for a KDP account. Verify your email. Provide your address and other information. Add your payment method: bank account, paypal, payoneer, wire transfer, or electronic transfer to your account etc.

Your book gets published in a few hours and it reaches sixteen countries with just one click. Now, it is up to you to tell the world about your book either through email, facebook, your blog, or through your own website. Share the book link with your friends, on facebook, instagram, or any other social site.

The key to success is patience. Keep sending the links to the people you know so that they can share it with their friends. You can visit your KDP dashboard to see your sales report every day.

In my next article I will tell you how to get your book published on other book publishing sites.

All the best

Raja Sharma

How To Make Your Youtube Channel and Earn From It:

Visit Youtube website and sign up with your Gmail ID. Youtube does not allow you to sign up with any other email.

Having signed up with Youtube, you are ready to upload 15 minutes length of videos.

Go to your Video manager after uploading your first video. On the left sidebar you will see the links to what you can do. Click on the channel and monetize your video with your Google adsense account if you already have an account.

If you do not have an adsense account, go to and sign up for an account.  When they approve your account, your Youtube videos will be allowed to be monetize.

If your video is any good and it gets about ten thousand views, you will be invited by the Youtube to monetize your video. You can upload any number of videos every day.

If you have more than ten thousand videos, you will be allowed to upload longer videos even up to the length of two to three hours, including movies.

What you do not do:

Never click on the ads from your own computer that is used to upload the videos. Never click any ad when you are logged in to your Youtube account.

Do not upload any content that violates copyright rules. You can take photos from google images etc, but you should be sure that those images are not copyright.

Never upload any pornographic, violent, abusive, or any other content that insults religions, societies, or in some cases leaders of the countries.

Never use indecent language in your videos.