What have we Earned?
by Raja Sharma
copyright 09-11-2011

 Dark, damp, distant past of philistine night,
Sends ghosts of terror in ethnic disguise;
To negate and abolish all that is right,
Stifling divine values of love we prize.

Success and glory dividing sword of hate,
Judas everywhere selling Lords of blasts;
Dismembered bodies of human fate,
Crying hearts of pure souls, with light of masks.

Lines shedding tears of blood on prophet here,
Maligning bright hope of heaven of love;
Has centuries of strife brought God near?
Is He repenting from His seat above?

Begin a festival of love and smiles,
Cover happily the miles assigned.

by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-24-2008

Hear now a heart cries
Under worldly load it tries
Make a move so sorrow flies.

Ask with love a question deep
Now where is the Maker of sheep?
In you will find love to keep.

Tears, sobs, pain give clear clue
Sad how lone way out is through
Yes, living God dwells in you.

BC to AD
by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-24-2008

Walk three Magi, time BC,
Morning star pursue with glee.

A Child is born to alter course,
Find to kill, use every force.

King H. proud in power blind,
Fear and death akin in mind.

Baby Boy then Man Sage Lord,
Son own human form praise God.

Dark minds philistine with fear
Crucify Lord with thieves near.

One Soul Divine missed say me,
Death gave time new page AD.

My Dancing God
by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-24-2008

He dances; He revels,
His nature so excels.

You saint sad shroud,
Life taint mad cloud.

He grows; His flowers grow,
He sows this, cowards mow.

You cocooned mad saint,
Rue, be fooled sad paint.

He my dancing God Divine,
Grape shy trancing Lord in vine.

You cry His name all in vain,
Avarice,hate, then fall in pain.

He life bestows to live 'n' grow,
See, he bellows, Lo! kill 'n' throw.

Make His dance your rosy France,
Take a glance, my poesy dance.


Oh..World !
by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-26-2008

Don't let them do this to us!

Boom blaze burning towers
Cut cries crushing powers
Bring them back to us.

Don't let them do this to us!

Vacant window widow cries
Tumbled tossed toddler tries
Our sons come back to us.

Don't let them do this to us!

Big bellied boss smiles
Rival rivaled raven flies
Lost hopes now mock at us.

Don't let them do this to us!

Lord life love weep
Sinful Adam sunk deep
Make grass again seed to us.

Don't let them do this to us!


towers=twin towers
crushing powers=religious fanaticism
them=lost lives
toddler=any country trying to come out of the shock of a terrorist attack
sons=American and other soldiers of the peacekeeping forces
raven=a bird of crow family, here a satanic force
Adam=human being
Make grass again seed to us= idea from William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience where experience is led back to innocence.

Poetic Priest
by Raja Sharma
copyright 08-30-2008

Fail to see Frost in a blade of grass?
Pray,ask thee a Tyger who Blake was!
Mingle the self to see Marvell's Glass,
Twinkle of Keats to give God in Brass,
Single thou, fold hands, bow, join the Mass.

Try to rekindle the fire,
See yourself out of the MIRE.


Frost=Robert Frost,
Tyger is the poem by William Blake,
Marvell=Andrew Marvell,
Keats=John Keats,
brass=Grecian Urn,
Mire=the materialistic world of illusions.


A Lover’s Hurt!
by Raja Sharma
copyright 03-04-2012

Fickle crush! He worships the deity

Beguiled in fake adulation of time

Masked souls exchanged sans divinity

His amorousness never changed with clime.


Teach me half the wisdom of your ardor

My restive mind invaded by doubts dark

Will delight descend is getting harder

A lamb madly looks like a deadly shark.


Pray! Is loving God and beloved the same?

He waits eagerly for both to descend

What if arrivals occurred in one frame?

He asks for the wisdom which I can’t lend.


All the worldly riches a heap of dirt!

Doubt! Can providence mend a lover’s hurt!

Tennyson Not So Clever
by Raja Sharma
copyright 03-28-2012

A drop of trivial infancy sublime

Rolled down my cheeks sans experience of time.

A bead of affection transformed the tear

A mature trickle justified teenage fear.


Dewdrop of morning brought delight with age

Pleasant specks shining as I perceived like sage.

Ball of brine got meanings with passing days

Trickles oozed in plenty with my lover’s prays.


Departed parents enriched driblets’ fate

Her soft hands wiped traces, often of late.

A pearl of love you a mystery forever

Tears idle tears, Tennyson not so clever..

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Had I known...?
by Raja Sharma
copyright 03-06-2010

A lifetime of struggles alone
Wanton ways went haughty desire
Naked arrival in new home
Final repose in shroud of mire.

Had I this transformation known
Could I have jumped in sweating fire?
Shouldn’t I have lived a life forlorn
Being immersed in Her fife and lyre?

Heard melodies jingle of bell
Unheard I missed for earthly hell!

Masks We Live By
by Raja Sharma
copyright 07-18-2011

Donning masks of ugly sublimity
My smiles expertly conceal abhorrence
That makes up for coveted humility
Granting me disgusting welcome clearance.

Love entangled in masks of worldly need
Sobs and sighs in lines of Ibsen and Bard.
Fife soundless no wind to shake Lucy’s reed
Pope’s Belinda seen still playing her card.

Words of Walter n Frank ambrosia of time
Do reach me with subtle acquiescence here.
Many a smithy waits for blessing in line
Through book I admire many who are there.

What would I be if masks were ripped off?
Alone shall I go no one to see me off!.